Friday, November 18, 2011

One Week Later

Well, so far I'm still alive. Trying to change the way I eat and exercise hasn't killed me yet! I figure it won't. :)

The week has been full of challenges and disappointments but it has also come with some accomplishments! So let's kick this post off with the positive.

I started working out last Thursday evening. Today is Friday, so I have been working on this lifestyle change for only 9 days now. I have worked out 5 of those 9 days. I am thinking for someone like me that is pretty dern tootin' good! Since I got my scale on Monday I have lost 1.6 lbs, so I'm almost to my 2lb goal for the week! Hoping by Sunday it has melted away along with a few more pounds maybe! :D Wishful thinking! I also started the PointsPlus System with Weight Watchers and plan to go to meetings once a week. I'm doing this with a lady from church that I look up to and adore so much, Pam Stephenson. She talked me into it! I just started my daily points yesterday. So today, Friday, is only day two counting "points" and not "calories."
So to highlight the positive I have:

1. Worked out 5 of 9 days and plan to work out tonight making it 6 of 9!
2. Have lost 1.6 lbs so far. Baby steps, but they are steps.
3.Started Weight Watchers

All within the first week! YAY!!

Now onto some of the tough times this week. Did ok the first few days. Went out and bought a lot of fruits and veggies and I've actually been enjoying eating those as opposed to junky junk! But on Sunday I had a little trip up and ordered pizza. I felt so bad after but I decided, with the help of some friends, that I had to let that failure go and keep on truckin'. Can't let it get me down. On Monday my scale came in! I was so excited until I stepped onto it. I basically burst into tears cause I weighed more than I thought. My long term goals seemed to fall apart before my eyes. I couldn't see how this was all possible but I decided then, those numbers would not go ANY higher. This will be my last "fat" November of my life and THAT thought excited me. With the help of a friend's phone call Monday night after the weighing I kicked my butt out the door and on to the gym. I have done my best to leave that number I saw Monday out of my head except when I'm weighing. If I go down even just a .1lb, I have succeeded that day. And if I haven't... it's one day. Tomorrow, I try again.

Thank you for all of the support and prayers. I don't know how often I'll give an update. It'll depend on the mood. I'm excited about weight watchers and I know that it is going to help me with the lifestyle change that I am looking to be a forever change.

You guys are awesome! Whether you are praying, calling, sending me texts, writing on my FB wall, a workout buddy, or whatever... I am SOOOOO incredibly thankful for you!

-in Christ,
 ~Marisa Lynn

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Time Is Now: Improving life- one step, one breath, one second at a time

Most of you who will look through this blog, already know that yesterday I made a big decision.

I'm getting serious about my health. I've got a lot of goals that I would like to meet, and I have outlined those goals in smaller steps. I can't take everything on at once. I know that. So, I'm starting small. But first, take a look at the list:

-1.healthier eating (mostly cut out red meat, sugars, and bad carbs)--I do not want to deprive myself of these great things, but they need to be regulated
--I plan to keep a food journal of EVERY thing that goes into my mouth

2.Keep track of the weight loss and measurement loss

3.Workout Six days a week
--Build up to this, I want to start out with three and one day of swimming.
---no pain, no gain (or loss in this case.)

4.Establish a routine sleeping habit
--of course their will be exceptions, but generally speaking, waking up and going to bed at the same time every night.

Healthier Eating
-I'm starting with breakfast. This inspiration all started with this blogger girl. ( You should go over to her website. It's an amazing testament to what we can do if we decide to do it. So, I'm deciding. I got all of my breakfast ideas from Taralynn (blogger girl) The following is my breakfast schedule for next week and depending on how much I like each day, maybe a good habitual breakfast schedule, but one thing at a time.

Keeping Track
I bought a scale and body measuring tape yesterday. Hoping that by the middle of next week, I will know my measurements and weight.

Working Out

Everything that I am doing is going to be challenge. This might be the biggest one (though, I do love food). The problem here is going to be the pain. I am a big girl, so unfortunately the smallest exercise tasks hurt sometimes. I don't want to hurt myself but I am going to push myself. I have to learn the difference in those two kinds of pain. The following is a workout schedule (to start next week, Nov.14-Nov.20)

I'm done saying that I will start tomorrow. Because tomorrow continues to be tomorrow. It never becomes today. So, I started yesterday. I went to bed last night at eleven. Now, my target time is going to be 10:30. So, I've started. I think that this will be the easiest of my goals to reach.

I need/want/have to lose weight. I've always known I (needed) to but over the last month and a half I'm realizing that I have to, if I want to live past my 50s and not get diabetes and have some kind of heart condition. And the time is now.

My goal is to lose 3.5 lbs a week. I know that initially it will come off more quickly then tapper off. I know that this is a healthy goal and that over time, I will see results.

Jesus.Patience. Strength. Endurance. Faith. Hope. Wisdom. Love. Want.

These are all things I must posses in order to succeed.

Love you all,
--Marisa Lynn