Sunday, September 30, 2007

I know that its time for a change. I've changed mentally and spiritually over the past year and now its time for a physical change. There is nothing like your roommate telling you that you are a big woman to get you going. While it may be true, I know that I am a big woman, it doesn't mean that I haven't tried to change it. I've come to the realization that I haven't tried hard enough to change it. She prances around her saying she is fat all the time when she weighs probably 130 pounds, if she weighs that much. She has no idea what it means to be fat. I'm tired of people thinking they know. Just because there are idiot women who starve themselves in our society just to get a man to look at her, doesn't mean that is what a man wants to look at. Granted a man probably doesn't want to look at a woman that is obese either however, 130 pounds is far from overweight... so just stop. Be healthy and maintain your physical health, don't gripe and complain and eat all the time, thats how you'll get fat and it'll happen.
Now, this isn't intended to bash skinny people or fat people. Frankly I don't expect anyone to read this let alone comment on it. I just need this for my own verification that I am doing something about the fact that am at a unhealthy weight. I'm a happy person however the weight is keeping me from doing some things that I really love doing, so I'm doing something about it. I live on a college campus so eating real healthy is a situation that I am faced with and I'm not real sure what to do about it. My first outlet is prayer, thats the first and foremost option. Nothing else is guaranteed to get me out of this or get me through this. But I have to put in my effort too. *sigh* Here it goes. I promised myself that starting October 1, 2007 it was gonna be different. I want this to be for me and my health and for God and my relationship with him. I do not desire to be alone for the rest of my life and if I were to maintain my weight, the possibility is there, our world has proven that to me over and over again. So, here I go. Its time to change, this isn't going to be an easy road, but I'm doing down it nonetheless.

-In Christ,
~Mia Lynn