Saturday, August 13, 2011

When Things Don't Go As Planned...

That was the plan, and for all intents and purposes that still IS the plan. God seems to have a very different idea about how I am to get to that point, then I do. Fastest way to get to your goal is the most direct path... a straight line.

 From the moment I walked across that stage and received my "diploma" (to come in the mail a month later), my life has been FAR from the prescribed "most direct path" to reaching my goals, my hopes, and my dreams.  Instead, it has been a series of lessons learned, failures doled out, and disappointments. Now, if I let it stop there, then this not so direct path would be wasted on me. I will have learned nothing if I look back at this summer and all I can remember is how bad it royally stunk, because for the most part it has. 


I hate how easy it is to forget that, how easy it is to forget that God knows whats best for us, how easy it is to "take over" and make our own decisions without so much as asking if we are doing what God intends for us to do. The great thing is, God will use WHATEVER path we have chosen to take. I heard a song the other day and I have no idea who sings it but it had a great line in it and it was something like this...

"You don't have to take the broken road, You can turn around and come back home."

What a great gift and promise that is. Sure, the road I'm on may be broken, but I can turn around. I can go back home. So often I find myself on this broken road, and God uses that  when I am too stinkin' stubborn to ask for help off of it or to see the light guiding me back home. 

Here are a few of the things that God is teaching me this summer...

Misconception #294: Just because I am a teacher, does not mean that it will be EASY to find a job. I literally filled out 30 applications this summer to various different school districts throughout the state and NOTHING came back. I pray that once I take these two reading classes and get both of my licenses finalized, that God will show me the job that I have been dreaming about. I know he has a plan, I just hate not being able to see it through the fog!

Doled out Failure #1: I did NOT pass the Praxis II Mid-level Content by TWO points!! TWO POINTS. I sat in my room crying for about two hours when I found this out in April. I know that it has contributed to the fact that I am not teaching this year, but I also know that God is using this to make me a better teacher for my first class of kids. They are going to be in for something special when I get into the class.

Lesson Learned #56: Switching your teaching license to another state is a PAIN in the tail. I had almost given up on the idea of moving out of the state for a little bit. But, God showed me a way to prepare for the reading praxis and become a better teacher. So, I'm taking two reading classes this semester and will be registering to take the praxis II in December. I just keep learning...

Those are just a few of things that have put a wrench in my "plans." I thought I had it all figured out but God is reminding me that HE has it all figured out and I am doing his work. 

If you find yourself facing this...

"It’s not that I don’t think that God can. I know he can. I am worried that he won’t."

Remember that God has your back. If you are where HE wants you, he will. Your faith will grow with each step.

Be happy. Love others. Listen. Live life. Set an example. Shine your light. Believe. Dream Big. Trust God.