Wednesday, December 7, 2011

God is SO good!

"Days they force you back under those covers. Lazy mornings they multiply, but glory's waiting outside your window so wake on up from your slumber. Baby, open up your eyes"  --NeedtoBreathe

Well, here we are. It has been one month. I knew going into this lifestyle change that it was going to be hard but at the same time, at first it seemed so easy. As I rounded the corner of the second week, Thanksgiving stared me in the face. I was not prepared. I did not go crazy, but I lost focus. I visited home for the holiday and there my eating patterns are completely eratic, to say the least. I never eat three meals a day, shoot I sleep till 10 and stay up until 1 when I'm at my parents'... too much good company! I still kept track of all of the food that I was eating, but I was lucky to eat two actual meals a day, all three days I was there. Now, do not think that I didn't eat...I did. I snacked. Granted I was eating all the time, but when I'm at my place, I had rarely been snacking. Then, I go to a wonderful place where chips, goodies, and chocolate abound... yes please. (minus the chocolate, mostly) On Thanksgiving I ate ham, I love ham. I ate potatoes. I love potatoes. I LOVED being at home and I can't wait to be there again for Christmas. Can not wait.  

I'm excited to be moving back there in May. I will have my OWN place at that point in NWA, no more bunking at the parentals for holidays. 

So, Thanksgiving wasn't a food travisty but I fell out habits. Came home and what I saw discouraged me. I had gained back a few of the pounds that I had lost. That Saturday, I was so frustrated and I felt like such a failure. So, I turned to the people who I knew would kick my butt, tell me to move on and not give up. So, thats what I did. I moved on. Still haven't given up.

To date, I have lost 8 pounds! I'll attatch a picture from earlier this fall and one from today. My face looks thinner. Looking in the mirror every day, I haven't seen it. Then I looked at the picture. It isn't DRAMTIC, but its there. Jenn pointed it out the other day at the gym and I thought she was being nice. Trying to lift me up, which it DEFINITELY did but I couldn't see the change . Now, I see some change. :) Makes me want to go to the gym right now. haha! Too bad I'm at work!

The weight watchers points plus system has been awesome. I can't wait to go to an actual meeting in January and see what that holds. I'm excited!

I am continuing to struggle with this being such a BIG goal to accomplish, but I know that you are all praying for me. It keeps me going. I pray that by Jan. of 2014 I will be the healthiest I have ever been. So much so, you might not recognize me! The end goal keeps me go. The small victories keep me going. The way I feel after a workout keeps me going. The encouragement that I get from all of you keeps me going. God keeps me going.

Thank you! From the bottom of my heart.

Here is a picture from earlier on the semester! I think I can see a difference. Go look at the peppermint picture, is it just me or is my face thinner in that one!?

I think my face has slimmed down!
Another angle

"Wake on up from your slumber Baby, open up your eyes. Come on Sing like we used to, Dance when you want to"