Monday, February 4, 2008

Give a little Bit

I know that it has been a while since I posted, so i'm going to do a little bit before I settle down and go to sleep. I'm used to being asleep by now and its only ten. Geez! Anyhow, went home this weekend and got some things taken care of. Had to get the car tagged and stuff. Nothing too exciting. Got to talk to Allison a couple of times which is always nice. Haven't talked to Brian in a week or so, so this week we will probably have a nice long talk some time. Hopefully. I've been trying to get with Brittany for the past three weeks but the two of us are always so busy it seems almost impossible, so we'll keep trying.
I'm hoping to secure a job this week at Cato. Its a clothing store. I love the store, its probably my favorite place to shop, so I'm hoping that this week I'll hear from Charlotte! I keep praying that this will work out.
Need to get to the gym soon, start a routine. Once again, keep praying. I'll throw up a picture, haven't had my camera working in a while because the batteries have been dead and every time I go to wal-mart i forget that I need batteries. This weekend I remember. Score
Have a fantastic week guys! Love you!
-in Christ,