Friday, April 16, 2010

Holy, what?! Its the End of April!?

Here we stand, April 16! What happened to march and most of april for that matter. Tomorrow is the Regina Spring formal and I have an awesome date! I'm really excited that I decided to take Spence. He will make sure that I have fun. There are only TWO WEEKS of classes left. TWO WEEKS! And to make things better, I HAVE NO FINALS!!!! Eeek! I have one take home, but that in my mind doesn't even count! Then its SUMMER!! Josh will be back in Searcy, Brian will be living with his parents and Allison will be living with me! This could not get any better! But just when I think that, it will! :D So excited about being in Searcy this summer! Woot!!!!!

It seems that I don't have anything else to say. ha! Hope everyone is great! Leave me a comment, cause I love you!

-in Christ,