Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Time Is Now: Improving life- one step, one breath, one second at a time

Most of you who will look through this blog, already know that yesterday I made a big decision.

I'm getting serious about my health. I've got a lot of goals that I would like to meet, and I have outlined those goals in smaller steps. I can't take everything on at once. I know that. So, I'm starting small. But first, take a look at the list:

-1.healthier eating (mostly cut out red meat, sugars, and bad carbs)--I do not want to deprive myself of these great things, but they need to be regulated
--I plan to keep a food journal of EVERY thing that goes into my mouth

2.Keep track of the weight loss and measurement loss

3.Workout Six days a week
--Build up to this, I want to start out with three and one day of swimming.
---no pain, no gain (or loss in this case.)

4.Establish a routine sleeping habit
--of course their will be exceptions, but generally speaking, waking up and going to bed at the same time every night.

Healthier Eating
-I'm starting with breakfast. This inspiration all started with this blogger girl. ( You should go over to her website. It's an amazing testament to what we can do if we decide to do it. So, I'm deciding. I got all of my breakfast ideas from Taralynn (blogger girl) The following is my breakfast schedule for next week and depending on how much I like each day, maybe a good habitual breakfast schedule, but one thing at a time.

Keeping Track
I bought a scale and body measuring tape yesterday. Hoping that by the middle of next week, I will know my measurements and weight.

Working Out

Everything that I am doing is going to be challenge. This might be the biggest one (though, I do love food). The problem here is going to be the pain. I am a big girl, so unfortunately the smallest exercise tasks hurt sometimes. I don't want to hurt myself but I am going to push myself. I have to learn the difference in those two kinds of pain. The following is a workout schedule (to start next week, Nov.14-Nov.20)

I'm done saying that I will start tomorrow. Because tomorrow continues to be tomorrow. It never becomes today. So, I started yesterday. I went to bed last night at eleven. Now, my target time is going to be 10:30. So, I've started. I think that this will be the easiest of my goals to reach.

I need/want/have to lose weight. I've always known I (needed) to but over the last month and a half I'm realizing that I have to, if I want to live past my 50s and not get diabetes and have some kind of heart condition. And the time is now.

My goal is to lose 3.5 lbs a week. I know that initially it will come off more quickly then tapper off. I know that this is a healthy goal and that over time, I will see results.

Jesus.Patience. Strength. Endurance. Faith. Hope. Wisdom. Love. Want.

These are all things I must posses in order to succeed.

Love you all,
--Marisa Lynn

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